COMFY-EXPLORER Anti Lost Kids Travel Safety Leash [2 Pack] Wrist Links Strap Keeps Toddler, Baby, Child Safely Connected to Your Hand, Belt, Backpack, Stroller While You’re Walking – By Baby Safe Pro

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  • GET MORE DONE & HAVE MORE FUN - NO MORE SCRAMBLING AFTER RUNNERS! Kid leash works perfect for those moments when toddlers or preschoolers refuse to stay in the cart or hold your hand - allowing you to get where you need to go, and complete your errands without worrying about losing your babies! One grandma said, "IT'S a REAL LIFE SAVER" because it kept her granddaughter from escaping to the parking lot yet again, while another parent said, "I CAN FINALLY GET MY ERRANDS DONE!"
  • ESCAPE ARTIST PROOF - DOUBLE VELCRO HOLDS LIKE A SUPER MAGNET: Your kids can tug, pull and yank on the wrist safe strap - and it's not coming off. Which is awesome when you think about it, because that means you can finally take a deep breath and relax - knowing your tyke can't escape the child leash attached to their wrist no matter how hard they try!
  • GROWS WITH YOUR EXPLORER - BETTER THAN A BACKPACK SAFETY HARNESS: Parents love this VERSATILE toddler leash wrist strap because you can ATTACH the ADJUSTABLE STRAPS TO ANYTHING - your wrist or belt, your child's backpack, babies stroller, shopping cart...anywhere - meaning your little one stays safe no matter where you travel. Plus you don't have to fight them into putting on a stuffed animal backpack they despise once they're 'too old'. Best of all, you BOTH have YOUR HANDS FREE!
  • TANK-DURABLE YET SUPER COMFORTABLE - 360* ROTATION LINKS w/ ANTI-PRICK VELCRO: If you've done your research you'll notice that most anti lost baby leash options are cheaply built or uncomfortable to wear. Ours were designed with breathable COMFY-FIT COTTON Wrist Straps that keep kiddos happy, plus we REINFORCE the PU CORD by WRAPPING it in STAINLESS STEEL then connecting it with an ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED 360 degree rotating stainless steel link.
  • 2 IDEALLY SIZED KIDS WRIST LEASH (1.5m & 2.5m) - TRY THEM FOR 60 DAYS RISK-FREE: You get two anti lost child wrist strap leashes, perfect for it you have two children, want to keep one in the car and one in the stroller, or simply want two different lengths to provide more security in busier places and more freedom at the park. Add them to your cart now and try them for 60 days - we know you'll notice how much safer you feel out and about or simply contact us and we'll make it right!

Product Description


As the founder of Baby Safe Pro, a rising leader in the field of baby safety gear, you might be surprised to discover that I had this baby safety leash designed for personal reasons.

Normally I walk everywhere but after a long day of shopping with my toddler, I decided to take the subway home. Wouldn’t you know it – we’re three stops in and she makes a mad dash for the open door – it didn’t matter that I was holding her hand – it happened in the blink of an eye. Luckily a stranger saw her dashing out and grabbed her before she could escape into the tunnels or end up with the wrong person. That was enough of a push for me to look for the best kids leash I could. While there were some great ones out there, most had flaws – several required me to hold it constantly because of weak Velcro came off, one cut into my wrist, one had ‘prickly’ Velcro, one locked my wrist into place. And most of them didn’t do the job – in fact she escaped from 3 before we even left the house!

So I went to our baby gear designer and asked her to create an ultra-comfortable wrist leash for kids – that ‘checks off all the boxes’ and included all the features I DID like, then sent it out to our loyal customers for a trial run – the response was phenomenal. They loved it! Their only suggestion was to offer two different lengths and the COMFY-EXPLORER pack was born.

Now my little one is SAFE yet INDEPENDENTLY BUILDING CONFIDENCE and EXPLORING HER ENVIRONMENT without worry…she actually asks to wear it!

So if you’re looking for the most durable, most comfortable, and ‘escape artist proof’ toddler leash, at a price you’ll love, then go ahead and click add to cart now.

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