Father Periodic Table Keychain – Science Chemistry Keyring – Father’s Day Gift

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  • Solid metal fob with attached ring
  • Overall length: 3 in / 8 cm
  • Printed in the US
  • Permanently printed / waterproof
  • Velvet gift bag included

Product Description

Good old Dad. He taught you how to tie your shoes, fly a kite, throw a ball, and maybe even how to rob a convenience store without getting nailed by the cops. Well, probably not that last part. If Good Old Dad has a scientific streak, he'd appreciate this keychain. Combining the chemical symbols for Iron, Astatine, Hydrogen and Erbium, you get F AT H ER. You also get a real mess if you actually combine these elements in a mixing bowl. Trust us on this one. So score one of these for The Old Man and make him proud that you were actually paying attention in science class. It beats the hell out of a cheesy necktie, and it's way more comfortable.

Product Detail

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