Teach Periodic Table of Elements Keychain – Science Chemistry Keyring

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  • Solid metal fob with attached ring
  • Permanently printed / waterproof
  • Printed in the US with Earth Friendly inks
  • Overall length: 3 in / 8 cm
  • Velvet gift bag included

Product Description

What do you give a science teacher? One of the problems with scientists is that they're so darned scientific. Any gift they receive that contains the slightest hint of cuteness will find its way to the recycle bin before the afternoon is out. Unless they make it part of a lab experiment first. Which can get messy. So here's a scientific gift for the science teacher in your life. This keychain combines the elemental symbols for tellurium, actinium and hydrogen into a gift that is both attractive and useful ("Now what is the atomic weight of actinium again? Oh - there it is!) Plus, there's an 85% chance that this gift will not become part of a science experiment. Pretty good odds, huh?

Product Detail

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